Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 film genres
1.       Documentary films
2.       Narrative shorts
3.       Art experimental

Documentary – documenting reality (non-fiction)
-          Most familiar
-          Increasingly more difficult to define
o   More portable video & sound equipment
o   Prices decreasing = easier access to equipment
-          Creates more intimate relationships between the filmmaker and sbuject
-          Features (movie theatres)
o   Typically large budgets
o   Typically commercialized with director’s interpretation of fact
-          Short length  (tv or web usage)
o   i.e. Current TV’s Vanguard Commentary http://current.com/
o   i.e. Travel Channel’s  Anthony Bourdain No Reservation http://www.travelchannel.com/TV_Shows/Anthony_Bourdain
-          In Class EXAMPLE
o   Current TV’s Vanguard Commentary “Immigrants Still Searching for a Better Life”
o   Preview clip of 1 hr long episode in series (one of many subject matters)

Narrative Short – telling or recounting a story (fiction)
-          Shorter then feature, but can be just as powerful
-          Feature is to a novel as a narrative short is to a short story
-          Every second counts!
-          There are many ways to tell a story
-          In Class EXAMPLE

Experimental Cinama
-          Called “Avant-Garde” in the 1920s or “Underground” in the 1960’s
-          Opposed to/opposite mainstream commercial & documentary filmmaking
-          Difficult to define characteristics
o   The absence of linear narrative
o   Use of various abstracting techniques
§  Out of focus
§  Painted or scratched film
§  Rapid editing
o   Soundtrack that does not narrate or tell events
o   Not soundtrack at all
o   Etc…
-          Usually low budget or self funded (grants)
-          Small crew or even just 1 person
-          Includes styles like non-narrative, impressionists, or poetic
-          Influences commercial work
o   Cinematography, visual effects & editing
o   i.e. advertisements or music videos
-          Many experimental filmmakers cross over to do features
-          In Class EXAMPLES
o   The Darkness of Days
§  International Documentary Film Award
§  About Suicide
§  Collage of black and white  footage complimented by the male voice-over reading a depressed man;s diary
o   Sally Potter - RAGE
§  Cross over film maker doing features
§  Make note of Potter’s point of view on filmmaking
§  Notice her work is considered experimental, but does not offer any of the above examples of experimental cinema themes

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