Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Arrogance, Envy, Inequity

Preacher Moss last night - Very interesting. Excellent presentation (you would expect this from a stand-up comic) but the depth of message and the honesty, was not expected. There were the surface level take it or leave it standard jokes; there were the stories told in a lighthearted manner; there were the politically incorrect jokes; there were the reflections back to past events from his life; but the most interesting aspect of his show was his true understanding and presentation of the impact of race on his life as well as, all of our lives - regardless of color. He has thoughtfully crafted his words to have meaning and heart, you hear his honest reflection of racism and oppression. Wonderfully presented was his positive outlook on the future and his commitment to making all of us more understanding of one another and better individuals. You leave with a sense of peace and hopefulness for the future.

He has a bit on the elements of Racism and described their importance in understanding Racism. Arrogance, Envy, Inequity. He nailed these three things that in fact lead to Racism. I tend to disagree with him that all Racism is due to these three things. I think Racism can be caused by other reasons like Greed, Pride, etc, etc...but he had many valid points.

Just something to think about and please check out his links on youtube and elsewhere.
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