Friday, February 25, 2011

Watch Y2GAY Video

It is a fantastic example of a short film dealing with the same concepts as our class. It deals with sexism rather then racism, but there are quite a few wonderful quotes/points made in the short film that are true for the diversity issues our class is facing.  

There is both a narrative and interview styled portions, which allows for a clearly understood story arch. Take note of the opening scene, transitions, story arch, placement of scenes in relationship to others & how this effects the story, and closing titles. I hope you notice the humor and lighthearted nature of the film as well. Remember that everything within the film must flow and fit together perfectly from beginning to end, while making a significant point.  Notice how this is done here. 

It is a perfect example of what would fulfill the class video assignment, if the subject was dealing with race.  I really enjoyed it and its only 5 minutes long...  So, please let me know your thoughts on it alone and how it relates to our class.  Thank you.

Link- Y2GAY - Tropfest 2011

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